Wedding Ceromony / Malta / Hamburg / München

The best funeral speaker for your wedding? -

juggles with words and arouses emotions !  

The free wedding ceremony is one of the most important events at a wedding.

Emotions, humor, light-footedness and a good dose of charm are the most important ingredients for a free wedding ceremony.

For all of this to happen, trust and sympathy between you and me is the foundation of our mutual success.


So let's start with a good cup of coffee and a chat.

Danilo Gobbetto
ceromony speaker
wedding moderator

Your free wedding ceremony in Malta

or wherever you dare !

Take us with you - into your world ...


A free wedding is not without reason like that. She gives us all the freedom to celebrate your confession of love the way you want it. I'd like to give you some ideas to boost your imagination and creativity that you may not even suspect.


Everything is possible!


My goal is to create a warm, welcoming and fun atmosphere at each ceremony.


It is especially important to me to create a colorful mixture of feelings and emotions.


Your ideas are very important to me. Whether the bride accompanied by a love ballad or "Hells Bells" the way forward to their "future" tread - all guests will be touched. Followed by some passages in your introductory story that may invite you to laugh or smile, the ritual and the vow of marriage then become unrestrained emotional.

Gladly I accompany your wedding also musically.


And then it goes with a lot of joy in a glittering party.



I will gladly send you an individual offer.

What happens after ?


• First, you should contact me to clarify whether your desired date is still free.

• Afterwards you receive an offer with a description of services.

• If you like this offer, we will find an appointment for about 1 hour of getting to know each other. This meeting is very important in deciding if you want to entrust your story to me. Since we spend a fairly intense time together, the certain spark of sympathy on both sides is very important.

• has it then "snarled" there is a binding order confirmation from me.

• then you get a lot of inspiration and ideas from me and together we will summarize your ideas.

• About 8 weeks before the big day, we will have a detailed conversation about the timing of your wedding and your personal story.

• then it will be the exciting part for me and I will write your very personal speech.

• AND then you can get married :)

what I can do for you

mostly booked packages

Speaker & 


I write your individual dream and of course present it :)

Furthermore, I sing yours

wish songs in the

frame of the wedding ceremony.

Speaker + Singer

& Moderator

I present your wedding speech - keep your guests busy while you are in a couple shooting. Moderate and direct

your wedding to the first wedding dance sung by me. Sing a set of party songs to get the party going, and then dance to the dancers.

Speaker+Singer+DJ  Team +Fotographer

My family and I - we are wedding freaks !!!

We love weddings and for that reason you are in the right hands with us.

I am your speaker, moderator and singer - my brother is the DJ in the team and my wife the photographer! - Any questions ???


Demo Songs