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Wedding Package

Your wedding should be one of the most beautiful days in your life. And the preparations for this day as little stressful as possible !


To make this possible, me and my team offer you all my wedding expertise.


I will gladly support your wedding with a complete package - one contact person for:

the free wedding ceremony + moderation + live entertainment + photographic accompaniment + DJ + photo box.

Of course, I don't do all this alone but have a team I can rely on blindly.


And if you decide to join the whole team, as a bonus you will get our 100" screen on which you can see the first

You can see pictures of the wedding ceremony and the couple's photo shoot while eating. 

Making Dreams Come True

The free wedding ceremony is one of the most important events at a wedding.

Emotions, humor, light-footedness and a good dose of charm are the most important ingredients for a free wedding ceremony.

For all of this to happen, trust and sympathy between you and me is the foundation of our mutual success.


So let's start with a good cup of coffee and a chat.

Danilo Gobbetto
ceremony speaker

Turning a Vision into Reality

I love to photograph weddings.

It is these unique, precious moments with all the details that fascinate me.


I especially like sunrises, sunsets and flower wreaths but also big-city bustle and cafe-house atmosphere.


Sometimes I can not see you at your wedding, I'm not in the foreground - and I'm always there.


I love the lightness, the naturalness and the great emotions. This is exactly how my wedding reportage should look like for you: easy & natural!

Melanie Gobbetto
Wedding Photographer

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

DJ + singer is a proven concept which I have been enriching private and corporate events for many years.


I offer casual and stylish moderation, professional live entertainment and a professional DJ from my team.


The concept can be extended with different musicians. Since we want to differentiate ourselves from the "classical" DJ, we basically offer the combination of DJ & singer. This mixture makes your event a special experience.

DJ Team
the specialists for your party


The ultimate party fun !!!

And probably the largest touchpad in the world!

A 1.60m large mirror behind which a large TV and a camera hides. Little animated films challenge guests to get creative.

Of course there is also a treasure chest of props around

to dress a little and have fun.

The photos are then on DVD - but you can also per

Mail yourself or print locally.


with heart

I've expanded my professional team and Joana will also take care of the smallest of your party in the future - so you can enjoy your big day in peace.


"Kids party for an evening" is the motto for the little ones among us. Through experience of organization on birthdays, or the leadership in Sunday schools, it is Joana's desire to give each and every one a suitable pleasure.

From creative painting and crafts, to role-playing games through motto of weddings, or freely chosen stories, to the physically active part through games, if necessary, also small packages.

The complete well-being of the children is very important to her. Joana is looking forward to seeing many children celebrate a big day together.